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    98 GTX Limited Re-Build

    Hey guys,

    I just bought a 98 GTX Limited for $500. Front cylinder has no compression while the rear one has 120. I'm hoping he just blew up the piston and there is no damage to the cylinder, but I don't have high hopes. I havent gotten it apart yet, still working on my yamaha to finish it out. But once I do, are there things I should look for and replace that are known problems with these skis? Do the power valves have problems dropping into the cylinders like the yamahas? Or any upgrades that are mandatory/recomended because they are known to fail.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    If it were my ski, this is what I would do. Pull the motor, disassemble it and check the crank bearings, and counterballancer bearings. 2 new pistons, and a hone, or a bore. You can bet that the piston with compression probably has some scarring or damage. I'd be surprised if it doesn't. reassemble the motor with new seals, wrist pin bearings, gaskets etc... I've sprayed head gaskets with copper coat and reused them. Your call. Rebuild both carbs. Not a cleaning, but a rebuild with new gaskets especially fuel pump check valves and diaphragm. The only rubber piece in the carbs that I might reuse is the needle. Check the reeds, but they are normally reliable on the 951s. New fuel lines, and clean the fuel selector valve. If it were mine, and this might be overboard, I'd pull the fuel tank and clean it out. A 17 year old tank is gonna have some trash if it hasn't been cleaned. Check that the fuel gauge works. Your fuel baffle sending unit is probably bad, so plan to fix that also. Check the carbon seal while the engine is out. they are usually reliable on those boats, but check it anyway. Clean the raves, and change the bellows especially if it still has the old orange bellows. The raves on the 951s don't break like the Yamahas. Change the oil filter, and check the oil pump by turning it with a drill if you can. Don't forget to bleed it when you reassemble it. Pull the pump, change the oil, and check the wear ring. Clean up any nicks on the prop.

    How hard all of this will be depends on the ski's previous life. A lot of the older GTX boats have been worked on, and worked on and.... So you never know what you are going to find. If you don't have to drill out any broken exhaust mount bolts, you are doing good.

    If you want to do it the quick easy and cheep way: Hone one cylinder and replace that piston. Clean the carbs and ride on.

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    Thanks, I am planning on doing the full rebuild like you said. As soon as I get this stupid Yami working right haha.

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    I agree with Pacer. If you plan on keeping the ski. It's best to go thru it right once and have a reliable ski with less headache in the end. Especially a Seadoo. As they can be the best ski you've ever owned or the worst. Really just depends on how well you maintain it!

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    Where are you located? I'm parting a 98' XPL with good engine


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