RIGHT TIME AND PLACE!! I was standing in my back yard an hour ago with phone in one hand talking to a friend and my camera in the other when I saw these two Bald Eagles dive bomb each other, interlock Talons and spiral to the ground! I heard them hit the ground with a thud on the other side of my fence and then they took off right after each other. I managed a couple one handed pictures with my Nikon D 5300 as they were falling. Made my day! They did this several other times a lot further away. I have seen this in the past but first time close by and with a camera ready.

They continued several times till almost dark, further away.

Here are a couple other pictures I took around my yard.

Heron Catching Lunch

He even got this worm that was not giving up without a fight!

Robins getting lunch to go.

I even saw my first Osprey of the season way off in the distance.

"By The Dawn's Early Light" Sky before sunrise in my back yard was awesome this morning.