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    FYI The dreaded Mould!

    Yes it came back !
    GTR was 2 .5 yrs old and the seat ,as some of you are aware , was replaced under warranty start of last year.
    I recently traded it for my RXP-X and was stunned to find the pinkish/yellowish/bluish cirlces had returned.
    I could not treat my Ski any better bar making Love to it .... pardon the joke!
    I do 50/50 fresh and salt water ... seat gets washed after each use and stored vertically to drain and the garage is heated.
    Any Ideas as I'd hate this to happen to my RXP seat even though it is totally different.


    PS it;s spring - time

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    Same here but much less than before. Some say wrap the foam in plastic but that may keep condensation or riding water in the foam and there will still be a layer between the cover and plastic that could contain water and continue the mold issue. Some say the covers are glued on so how do you pull the cover and wrap the foam? The only thing I can think of is open the seat all the way so it drains real well at the points. But I store mine in a garage that prohibits complete open seat storage. I'm at a loss.

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    The RXPX cover is not glued to the foam. The S3 hulled skis seats are glued. I removed my stock cover and wrapped it in plastic after my 3rd ride and replaced the cover with a MACC racing cover and have had no issues...

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