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    What's this Ultra 150 worth?

    I came across an 03 Green/White Ultra 150 with all papers on the ski (no trailer) for $400. The guy says that his son was riding it when it "just died" and he hasn't really messed with it but thinks the engine is locked up. They just towed it in and put it on the trailer. They had 2 other jet ski's to ride so never bothered to fix this one. From the pics, it is missing sponsons (I think it's weird to just be missing that) and there's a little crack in the hull right under the back of the seat. Not bad, but it's there.

    I have 1 good running Ultra 150 and another one that is only missing an engine. So I do have some spare parts. Is this 03 Ultra 150 worth the $400 even if it has a locked up engine? It's 200miles each way so would take about 7hrs total driving round trip. I'd be taking a gamble since I don't really know what's wrong with the engine (crank, cylinders, pistons, hole in crankcase)..... who knows. But I kind of think that it would still be a good deal for $400 even if I had to replace the cylinders and piston. Opinions?

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    Definitely worth $400! No way of knowing what it would take to fix it, could be a loose battery cable or a blown crankshaft.

    A working display is worth about $250. A jet pump $300+.

    Go for it!

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    400 is worth it regardless if there is a hole in the case. i watched an 03 on ebay go for 1000 bucks with no engine or pump at all, pretty much just hull. 03 is a pretty desirable year in the ultra line up

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