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    03 gp 1300 looking to change to 05+ header

    I would like to know if this mod is worth it. Putting the 05+ header on and rd exhaust sleeve as stated on r and d, it will give me up to 10 horsepower. Has anyone done it? I found a decent deal on the exhaust. I may also while I have it all apart put a riva filter on. Hoping to get by without a efi controller. The only engine work I have done is dplate.

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    So no one has tested this or heard of it? I know everyone says stay away for the free flow exhaust. This would still be considered stock though.

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    Don't waste your money

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    No super noticeable gain? Doesn't the exhaust system have to be removed in order to install the riva racing filter? I was thinking why not if it all needs to come out anyway.

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    what are you calling the "header"

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    This is straight from R and D's website. For a full ten plus horsepower gain across the entire RPM range with an incredible boost in low end acceleration and performance, update the 03-04 GP1300R with the 2005 GP1300R header pipe section and R&D Exhaust Power Sleeve! More horsepower with reduced detonation! The 2005 Yamaha GP1300R O.E.M. header pipe section is part # 60T-14712-10-94. The R&D 2005 Yamaha GP1300R Exhaust Power Sleeve is part # 332-13000.

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    so, the first section of the U pipe... its bigger on the non-pvs because that motor didnt make enough bottom end power

    yes you will pick up bottom end but lose on top... kinda like the freeflow

    we tested them power sleeves years ago and saw no gains

    IMO your best exhaust set-up is a Riva D plate with stock sound suppression and a jetworks mod

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    So understanding the 03 04 it would be loosing back pressure. Thus causing low end punch but quickly fading on the top end. Might be a good mod if i had more engine work done. I have only a 13/19 prop so I already have my low and mid power. I don't want to loose any top end. I'm running a d-plate already and stock exhaust. I just want to get some more top end. I have some jet housing bolt ons. I just have been leery about engine mods. Want to keep it safe, and keep it for a long time. I'm considering the filter. How does the jetworks mod actually get gains? Isn't it just some complicated water flow thing? Some people swear by it, others see it as small and pointless. Idk if it makes a difference between 03-04 and 05-08.

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    jetwirks mod keeps the water box empty during idle when there isnt a lot of heat build up. So When you punch it all the available power is there vs trying to clear out the box during acceleration. Hence why its called the holeshot mod. Works on all 2 stroke skies doesn't matter what year or size engine. More for racing off the line, harder acceleration.

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    With the mods you are considering ... skip the power sleeve & free flow exhaust for now. You will not need the fuel controller until you change or beef up the compression or advance the timing. Yes, the hole shot kit will improve your low end acceleration and a pretty simple & not to costly mod to make. The best mods that will help @ the stage you are at now is a good intake grate, pump shoe sealed, & ride plate upgrade. The 13/19 prop will still be your best bet. Ask me how I know? Ha Ha. Just those mods will take you from about 64 gps to about 68 gps or so. Then if you want more .... more $$ will be needed. You can take your OEM head off and send to Jim's performance to be milled ... about $100. quick turn around. You might also consider having him modify your ride plate about $250+ more ... you will then need to run 91 to 93 octane gas do to the increased compression from the milled heads. Everything I have mentioned so far does not require for you to remove the whole exhaust system. And is a pretty simple DIY. You will have to remove the stinger portion of the exhaust to install the hole shot mod. Plus every thing I mentioned is & can be DIY. If you can locate an advent ignition or some how find someone who still reflash your ECU then that can advance your timing. However, the cheapest way is to install a 3* or 4* degree keyway. This is a little more complicated mod to perform. They key way is cheap about $50. from WFO. But the install is a PITA (pain in the ass). Ha Ha Now you are pushing the realm of 70+ gps. Then the next step is to port the cylinders & change the reeds. This is more costly. Again pretty simple mod for DIY, you will have to remove the entire exhaust .... to get access to the flywheel housing so that you can install the key way ... now that you have the exhaust off you might as well consider the reed upgrade ... and get rid of that air intake black box. Once you install the newly ported cylinders (jugs) ... and re installed everything else ... you should be around mid to high 70's + gps. As you can see speed can be addictive LOL. Good Luck ... stay in touch and let us how you proceed.

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