Hi all,

Always been a lurker on these forums and now have issue with PWC that I can't seem to solve my self or find any other people with the same issue.

My throttle bottle on my Seadoo RXPX was sticking. I dismantled the throttle body and gave it a thorough clean. When reassmebling it i am finding that the butterfly moves freely when the top nut is loose. On tightening the top nut it appears to catch which can be seen in these two videos. Not sure why this occuring. I have oiled the moving parts during the assembly. I tried assembling it without the springs to see if it was catching and once again it was ONLY IF the top nut was tightened. No idea what to do. Not in a hurry to fork out money if the throttle body is salvagable.

Has anyone had this issue or had have any ideas how to fix this.

First video: Nut loose (not catching)

Second video: Nut tightened (catching)

**please note i only used 1 spring in this video to demonstrate the problem as it was getting tiring putting in and out both the springs when attempting to trouble shoot this issue.