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    flyboarding and a jet ski?

    I am very interested in all of this. I have not done it yet (not sure if there is anywhere in Washington State to try one out) but have some questions. Is this hard on your jet ski? We have new ski's and are not looking to break them. And how is the hookup to them? If we wanted to switch between riding the jet ski and flying the board, is it much of a change?

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    from what i've seen there is a plate that goes on the hull where the nozzle is. this is where the hose connects up. as far as easy swap back and forth from riding to flying i dont know. all i know is the guys on the board have to "tow" the ski out to deeper water since the ski cant push itself

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    you can buy various aftermarket parts which allow the jet ski to quickly switch from a flyboard to a pwc again. I think its just a pull and twist type connection. its by flywerks from memory. it not hard on the ski at all if you are doing the correct maintenance intervals. if you are a proficient flyboarder you will see a lot of high rpm running but mostly it was around 5-6k for me and my friends.

    its the most fun you can have in the water next to river boating. try looking up rockymountainflyboard they are in Washington state i believe.

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    Flying is a complete adrenaline rush. Nothing beats the first time you pop out of the water and you can feel the power of the jets under your feet.

    Good news is: whats really hard on your ski is cruising across choppy water, which requires the engine RPM's to climb and descend very rapidly (each time you hit a new wave). Flying, on the other hand, requires relatively constant RPM's, and if you have a big enough engine to do it (over 150 HP) then it shouldn't be hard on your ski at all.

    Swapping between flying and riding your PWC is a quick switch that can take less than a minute if you're good. There are two companies that provide these adapter kits. There are also a few other upgrades that you can make to your ski to enhance your flight-time. There's a good write-up on these after market products here:

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    I wonder if the connection works well with sea doo IBR grate on the rear? I am going to try this out with a company pretty soon! Im stoked! I may bring my go pro and hopefully they will film it. If they do, I will for sure post up!

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    This is how I run a jetski shop in the desert nmpeter's Avatar
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    you'll want to do some extensive searches on the topic. Might be better off renting for your outings.

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    Can also check they are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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