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    Question Did I just buy a 250x or a 260x? - Confuddled.

    I just purchased a new (to me) Kawasaki. I purchased my first ski ever 3 montsh ago, a 1998 Kawasaki 750Xi Sport and became addicted well enough to throw my chips in with the wife to get a bigger and better beast .

    Now... It was advertised as a 2008 Kawasaki 250x (all stickers had been removed bar those on the nose). Before I drove to look at it, I noticed that the hull was a different colour (yes that is how colour is spelt in New Zealand) to every other 250x.

    I did a bit of googling and it had the same colour scheme as the 300x, however did not have the cruise control. Just before I went to have a look at it I found out there was a 260x model as well (from 2009-2011) that shared this hull colour with the 300x.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I ran the HIN and it is a 2008. So it can't be a 260x, correct? However, the tags under both seat pieces have the date 01/05/09. So could it be a 260x?

    Other details to share: 88 hours, has only done 30 minutes since it was rebuilt (pistons, gaskets etc.), serviced (including supercharger belt). It has Hydro Turf mats, a Worx grate, Solex stainless impellor. May have other mods but I have no idea, so far...

    If anyone could shed some ideas as to how I can identify this. I paid a very low price for it as a 250x model (approx. $4500 less than the going rate in New Zealand) as the owner was going overseas and was desperate to sell, and if it is a 260x I got an epic deal!

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    in the U.S. it would be on the registration.

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    I don't know enough about the 250/260 so there could be an easier way, but my suggestion is to grab the p/n off the ecu and compare that in the oem microfiche (in the banner above if you haven't seen it yet).

    Was the pump upgraded to the triple bearing and retaining nut setup post engine rebuild?

    Where in NZ are you?

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    Thanks GZA, I'll find the ecu tomorrow and give that a shot.

    I'm not sure about the jet pump upgrade (I have read about upgrading to the 300 setup). When I have time I'll take it out and have a look, not sure how to tell if it has been done though?

    In Auckland.

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    Open the front hatch, remove bucket. There is a cover on the rear wall of the compartment, remove that and the ecu is sitting right there.
    Only way to see if there are three bearings is to strip it down. Another indication would be to remove the rear cone and see if there is the retaining nut. Unlikely that someone would have put the nut in without extra bearing but you never know...

    You should check out th AJSRA on facebook

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    Cheers, that will save me time searching around for it.

    Couldn't find AJSRA, I assume it stands for Auckland Jet Ski......ssomething.

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    I have a 09 260x built september. they also come out in 2010 pretty sure 300x didnt come out here until 2011

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    Maybe the seller painted the top deck, and added in the 260X green hood.

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    This is a 2009 260x color model!
    No 2008 had the top portion of the hull black, to mod a 2008 to look like that, the top had to be painted black, replace the hood, the nose, the mirror, the dash, the cowl, the decals,
    Would be suprised that the last owner would have changed all those thing, but you never know

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    You say the the last two #s are 08 on the hull ID?,.... Then it's an 08 , the skis hull upper and lower was molded and pressed together in the US and CG approved and numbered with the last 2 #s being yr of the model..

    Like SuperCharged says it must have been painted the hood and upper hull and swapped out for a 09/10 green..

    With all the stickers and logo/stripes missing looks like she went for a complete paint job..
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