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Thread: Odyessy battery

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    Odyessy battery

    Has anybody installed an Odyessy 925 L battery in there boad? If so how did it work?

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    I purchased 14 of the 625s a number of years ago and was not impressed as they did not last and the post attachment points for the wires were very weak. The Deka and Deka off brand has the best terminals, but they are a hit or miss on gassing-- I take the risk on the gassing since they have a lot of power, can take a few deep discharges and don't need fluid checks.

    The stock Yuasa battery is the BEST battery I have found for gassing, but as a conventional battery, it does not have as many CCAs and does require fluid checks and adds. The Yuasa can take more abuse than any other conventional battery I have tried (deep discharges, service life, terminals for a conventional battery), but the do cost the most too.

    I personally will never by another Odyssey battery.

    I would however try out a Lithium Ion this summer-- I have 1 in my quad and it has blown away the high end lead acid it replaced-- the 1 I purchased was 2 steps up from min. recommended.

    Sorry, I do not have any first hand experience of the 30l replacement, but I thought I would share my findings.
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    haven't tried the odyessy but had a deka for 4 years, replaced (with another deka) only out of caution and then dropped in in the lawn mower, still going another 2 years later in the mower.

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    Im going to get a deka.thanks

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    Millions of battery-related threads if you use the search feature. Order the TX30LA from Advance Auto and choose in-store pick up. Use coupon code TRT30 for 30% off your purchase when you order online. This battery is an AGM made by Deka.

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    I've used Odyssey's for year and years...actually about 10 years....and NEVER had an issue with them. I run them in all my ski's motorcylces and ATV's. I'm surprised to see /hear folks don't like them. The PC625 I have in my 96Xp is now 5 years old and works flawless!! I've got 3 others that are 3 years now....


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    While ody has improved the terminal design, they lost my good will quite a few years ago. I do not stock them anymore, mainly because I developed a very good relationship with the local deka distributor and the quality of the battery is top shelf. So much in fact that they OEm for autozone, orielys and others. Check the specifics on warranty ( they do vary) and be assured a battery with deka style terminals was made in the US and is of good quality.

    make sure you only use an AGM type charger on these batteries. Unregulated chargers will cook them out.

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    I've used Odyessys for years, long lasting and never had a problem, The terminals could be improved though. I've also used a regular trickle charger for years on the AGMs and never had an issue.

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