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    Polaris 780 slx

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to the forum. So on friday night I bought a 2nd hand polaris 780 jet ski. The motor was removed, and waz planned to be put into a new hull, which came with the purchase. So I have decided to rebuild the motor from the bottom up, doing all pistons and rings, gaskets and carb rebuild. After opening the motor, I came across that the cylinders were pretty worn, and had a few chips taken out of them at the top of them, that were very small across the whole piston top. All the barells look amazing except for 1 which has a few scratches on the inside. I will be taking them tomorrow to have them drilled and hopefully get pistons to fit. so heres the questions I have:

    1)Is there a way to pull the crank from the block at home as there looks to have been sand that fell in there after removing everything?
    2) how on earth do I put this whole motor back together? I stupidly put things in random without taking note of what I was doing. Besides that, is there oil to be dropped into the crank case before re assembly?
    3) Is there a way to check crank positioning with just the block and rods attached to it?
    4)Are there rebuild kits available for the fuel pump?
    5)How on earth do I reassemble the jet pump assembly as I got this in pieces, with the drive shaft bearing aparently shot completely. will have to order this.
    6) Anything specific I should look out for on this jetski as I want it to be a long time runner and reliable.

    Thanx in advance for anyone willing to help.

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    It it is possible that one or more bearings in the crank shaft have worn or started to come apart. At the very least it would be worthwhile to take the crankcase apart and fully inspect. If you decide the crank is good enough to use as is, put new seals on the crank ends during reassembly.

    It is critical that the engine internals be spotlessly clean with zero grit, dirt or debris. Oily metal is ok, oily dirt is not ok. Use 2-stroke oil to coat the bearings during assembly.

    Member BlueFishCrisis has posted an excellent rebuild guide for the blue Fuji engines, which is what you have.

    There are also threads that can guide you through the jet pump rebuild process.

    The key is to not be in a hurry. Take the time to understand what needs doing and actually do all the inspections and necessary updates.

    The only thing that can make your watercraft reliable is the time you spend to make it reliable.

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