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    About to pull the trigger on a 2015 GTX 155 - hoping for help

    Hi all - I live in Burlington Ontario and planning to buy our first Seadoo for the family this summer. We have done a fair amount of research and landed on a GTX 155, with the ski module / cruise and ski pylon installed. We will also need a cover and trailer.

    We have a cottage up near Haliburton and have a quote from a dealer near there. Before we lock it down I wanted to reach out to you guys to ask fir recommendations in dealers that you have used / would recommend. Want to buy from somewhere with a great reputation for service and providing competitive prices.

    I would like to buy before end of March as Seadoo has an incentive offering 4 year warranty for purchases made before end of March.

    Would love to hear any advice, suggestions and recos for you.

    Thanks a ton!

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    I can offer a great price, but I am NOWHERE near you....

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    YouYou might wanna ask this question in the canada rides section you probably get more replies. Why buy new ? When everything is said and done you will be paying around 17k for everything you mentioned and it will lose its value by at least 5k next year and i dont like the fact that 2015 model is another 50lbs heavier than previous years this skis are getting too heavy for na-155

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