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    Oil change what oil and filter

    Hello all. The season is about to start back up soon and me and my uncle want to do oil changes on our machines. I have a 2013 gtr 215 and he has a 06 rxp 215.

    We want to just run seadoo oil and filter. Where is the best place to order and is there a kit? Do our machines take same oil and filter and how much. Thanksm

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    If this is your first time doing it yourself, read up on the process.

    You will need an oil extractor as well...

    Order off greenhulk here if you're in the USA. Try "GreenHulk" for a discount too.

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    Yeah I have read up and watched videos we are going to get a extractor as well and do it by the book. Just wanted to double check on the oil and filter and see if they just made a kit with all you need in it.

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    Thanks for the links to btw

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    I use mobil 1 motorcycle oil on my sc ski. It is safe for the clutches. I order my filters from the greenhulk store.

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    Yes BRP makes a kit. Comes with oil, filter, and spark plugs even o-rings for the oil filter cap all in one box. I think it was around $75 at dealership.

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    Thank you all we orderd the above links.

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    DO NOT use any tools to remove the oil filter cover except the proper torx socket. You'll do a bunch of swearing to get the cover off, but use any tool to help and you'll end up damaging the housing and have a forever oil leak. You can rock the bolt a little to help get the cover moving.

    good luck.

    be neat, use a big funnel and pour oil slowly with dipstick out.

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    I believe the 2013 model had a fix to help pop the cap off. I know on my 2013 the more I unscrewed, it pulled the oil filter cap off on its own. Hopefully that's the case for you cause that made it super easy compared to what I was hearing from others.

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