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    Scorched Earth: 2015 Kawasaki Ultra 310X SE JetSki

    It’s difficult to adequately verbalize the sensation of manhandling a personal watercraft that simply does not want just anybody to ride it. Like the untamed, free-roaming American mustang, the unbridled power and wild spirit resonating from within the bowels, reverberating up through the seat and out of the handlebars of the 2015 Kawasaki Ultra 310X SE (Special Edition) is not unlike to those ancient Iberian horses first introduced to this continent by Spanish explorers.

    When left to its base setting and operated under the newly-minted, mint-green operation key (previous Immobilizer keys were either orange for normal operation or yellow for SLO mode), the Ultra 310X SE – as with all 310-powered supercharged Ultras – is an exhilarating ride for an experienced rider. For those a little more unseasoned, the brutish onset of a true 310-horsepower can be a white-knuckle drain-the-blood-from-your-face outing, if not a totally overwhelming exercise.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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