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    Is an engine trashed if it sat for 5 years

    I have a 2000 GPR that I inherited from my uncle that has sat for about 5 years and not even started. I was wondering if the engine is basically gonna need to be opened up to the cases and inspected/cleaned or just clean the carbs and check the compression and go?

    Are parts pretty hard to come by for these skis now?

    Sad thing is that it has around 15 hours total on the ski...

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    pour a couple of teaspoons of marvel mystry oil in each jug, hook up a battery and check the engine compression. If that looks good, then go ahead and pull the carbs unless the ski was properly put up for storage. No doubts the gas has turned by now, so leave the fuel valve off when checking the engine mechanicals out. Change out the injector oil also when you decide to fire it up for real.

    I expect you'll find the carbs are toast ( if the fuel valve is in the on position for years, likely that's the case)

    What part of the country are you in and where was ski..hopefully in a garage under a bunch of boxes.....

    let's see some engine bay shots too.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barricade13 View Post
    I have a 2000 GPR that I inherited from my uncle ...
    This is a Yamaha GPR, correct?

    If so, thread can be moved to the Yamaha section.

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