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    Angry Ficht Stator & CPS destroyed!! Flywheel magnets came loose !

    Ok well my 2004 Genesis i has another problem. As leaving me stranded in open water again.

    To me it looks like the flywheel magnets cames loose as they are cheaply glued on. And just destroyed everything in there.

    Is there a upgraded version of the flywheel or, i just have to spend 800 for new stator,cps, flyweel... And last a month and same thing will happen ..?
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    The twelve magnet flywheel for the MSX 140 is a better Ficht flywheel. Direct replacement for the six magnet flywheel, just works better.

    The six magnet Polaris Ficht flywheels are known to sometimes have the magnets come loose. Not all of them, just some flywheels. I seem to recall there was some production changes to the adhesive method, but I do not recall when that change happened. Obviously a 2004 flywheel should have been the improved version, but apparently they can still fail.

    Stators are the same in all Ficht models and years. Replace the front crank seal while you are in there.

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    Okay well if anyone has msx140 flyweel that is not any where near 400 like on ebay LET ME KNOW !!

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