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    What pitch to run?

    Running a stock Yamaha FX SHO except for an intake and ribbon delete. Impeller now is a Solas 14/20 or whatever the stock pitch is, I forgot. It's all over the limiter out the hole and on the top end. Looked, but what prop or pitch to run as is with stock boost also? Just trying to get off the limiter. Have been reading about 13/23 or 13/24 pitches and Skat, but only intake mods, stock boost and stock IC. Thanks.

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    Get your impeller repitched and add a half degree or so to it

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    I'd increase leading edge to 14 and see what that gets ya.....24 or even 23 trailing edge is steep I barely can turn that with 18lb wheel, I'm no impeller professional the leading edge increase will help with cavitation and will decrease rpms some. I'm sure you will get a bunch of opinions on the topic, you choose a top speed impeller in the Solas so expect some cavitations from dead stop takeoff

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