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    2006 STX 12F Timing / Assembly issues

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm reassembling an 06 12F motor. After I line up the marks and tighten everything down, I rotate the motor and the timing marks shift. Anyone know what could be happening? Not new to this stuff, but this simple task is driving me a little crazy.
    The photos show how the exhaust cam does not line up when the intake and crank are in position.
    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Did you follow the manual exactly? If you do count the links it should all come together.


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    You have your TDC set?

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    Issue with the chain tensioner? It takes me a couple tries to get them right also.

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    The tensioner is good, and TDC is set.

    When I line everything up the links add up to 31. When I tighten the cam girdle it rotates (exhaust cam) like in the pic.

    This is the manual I am using for assembly are they different between years?Click image for larger version. 

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    from the pics, your inlet is 1 tooth to far anti-clock in cam position...........put a straight edge from VC gasket face to gear and you will see.........

    count the teeth and rotate the EXH up to position

    the do move some when tightening girdle down


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    Not trying to be a smart ass, are the cams in the right slots? (Exhaust vs intake, theyre not the same)

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    I say forget the yellow marks. Set your TDC. Unscrew your tensioner bolts that way theyre barely holding on and theres no pressure on the chain. Make sure your crank is in correct position (attachment). Set your intake cam with chain on it. Set your exhaust cam tilted a little bit to the left with the chain sagging in between two cams. Once you start tightening the camshalf cover, it should push the exhaust cam into the correct position. Make sure your the lines match up ( pic 2) and (1). I did my stx 12f few months ago. Click image for larger version. 

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