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    2006 Kawasaki STX900 Waverunner

    Hello, I have been wanting to get a Jet Ski / Waverunner for a long time and ive been searching for a good ski with a good price. I recently stumbled upon an offer of a 2006 Kawasaki STX 900 Waverunner for $2,500. The seller said he used it in salt water but flushed after every use, and it's been in storage for a year and a half. I was wondering if it was a good deal or not for $2,500. Thanks

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    are you really Joe bags? That guys is awesome.

    what do you plan to use it for?
    what kind of water will you primarily ride?
    how many hours are on it?
    what does the motor look like?

    typically I try to talk people out of getting a 2 stroke but if the price is right and its rust free it might be okay. keep in mind that this is not a fast ski, it will probably go 48 max.


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    Might be a fair price with a trailer, but I'd prefer a fresh water STX 1100.

    Make sure you test ride it first!!! In storage for a year and a half without StaBil in the gas would likely cause big fuel system problems. Also, do a compression test and see how many hours are on the engine. The first thing you want to do if you buy it is upgrade the oil lines with polyurethane hose and clamp it securely.

    Also, make sure the display is in good condition, they're expensive. If you buy it, remove the display and seal the rubber plug on the back with 3M 5200 to keep moisture out or you'll be buying a new one after you flip it over.

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