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    Board computer problem?

    Hello all,

    How do I find out if my board computer is broken.
    Candoopro first froze all the time.. After contact with them I got a link for new version.
    Program works again but I get lots of fault codes. Also from faults that are almost impossible. I know for 100% that most things are in fine condition, still I get codes.. lots of codes.. 20+ What to do..

    If I put the key in it beeps twice. Sometimes after a long time reading key.
    After start check engine pops up very quick and ski goes into limp mode.

    Anyone that might know what this can be?

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    plug the computer into another ski of the same type and year to see if your problems follow the ECU/ECM.

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    Hmmmm that's going to be hard if you live on an Island (Bonaire) and there is only one seadoo like mine on the Island.. Any other way's... ?

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    Actually it is pretty easy. Kind of like me talking to a person 5000 miles away-- phones in this instance. Send it to a board member so that it makes it into a machine like yours that works properly. Most likely that is your problem, but since they are so expensive, it would be a good idea to know for sure. A US "flat rate" padded envelope is only $20 anywhere in the world-- shipping method (if you did not know already).

    what machine do you have? Some seadoo computers are more prone for failure than others.

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    Hello Jim, It's still not fixed.. Seadoo GTX 255 IS 2009

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    You missed me by 1 model year. I have 2 08s, but in 09 seadoo went to the bosch ecu, which I do not have any of or a machine that I own that I can do the checks that I mentioned. The good news is there are lots of other seadoos that use the ecu that you do have 09-15 actually. 420666071 (this is your part number or maybe -72), 420666326, 420666388 and the latest seadoo part number 420666532.

    sorry I could not be more help-- maybe contact a member of this board that you trust and know has a ski that has 1 of the skis that has the part numbers listed. Your other options are limited and expensive-- guesses.

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    this is a useless thread without a list of the codes you are currently seeing. What happens when you clear them. do the exact same codes appear again?

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