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    Hey, I was wondering what kind of wetsuit everyone wears? Where I am at, I think it is needed as water temps are roughly 48-50* and the air temps vary from 48-68* right now. I have a full suite that is very thick ( I get roasting while body boarding in the cold ocean) and also a bit more snug than I think I want. It also has a full hood and again is very thick. I think I need a spring suit as I tend to run warmer. Thoughts?

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    In NY I can wear a 3/2 Full suit all Summer and be comfortable. In the colder months I wear a 5/4 with hood.

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    2mm john with jacket if needed sounds about right for those temps. This is what I have. 48-52 degree water at the coldest and 65-75 air temps...most of the time I don't even wear the jacket. I also have 3mm neoprene socks to keep the feet warm.

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    I couldnt find any John style suits, but I did find an Oneill 3/2 full ( No hood ) and it fits great. I had to get an XXL size. Weird how their sizing is so small. Not a lot of shops here to choose from but found it at Dicks. I also tried on a Neo Sport size Large that fit a bit snug in the arms ( just like the oneill XL ) but was not familiar with the brand and it was priced identical to the Oneill.

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    A 3/2 is probably best. You really have to try them on for proper fit which can be inconvenient at times. Is there a West Marine in your area? That is where I tried them on when I was looking.

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    There is. I never really thought to get a hold of them. I dont remember seeing any wetsuits in ours. I forgot that the one I had ( My full with hood) is a 5/3 and is scorching hot. Not to mention a tad on the small side :-/ Probably need to sell it.

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    I wear a one piece Body Glove but I also get hot. My next one will be a two piece with a zippered top that can be opened up for cooling.

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