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    99 XL1200 LTD Sponsons

    Hey guys I'm in the process of rebuilding an xl1200 ltd and I've read that the factory sponsons were recalled and they sent out new ones. This one has the OEM ones and I hear that new ones makes a world of difference? Can someone recommend some cheap ones that will fix the problem? I dont really want to spend $250 on some WORX or Rivas. Even a different year's sponsons that will fit and I can find used that will fix the problem is fine.

    Thanks for the thelp!

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    Try searching the classifieds. But that's about what sponsons go for these days. If your current sponsons are not broken and show no sign of stress marks or fatigue then why replace them? Only reason I'd replace them is if you are looking for better handling and or top speed gains. Just my 2 cents....

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    The factory ones were recalled for a reason. The sloping shape of them made it very unstable at moderate speeds because it would catch water and force that side down, and then the other side, making the ski rock side to side. They were replaced on the future models with the sponson shown below. This will fit the 99 XL 1200 LTD also. I already have them on. Cost about $60 all together

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    As the last guy stated, the ones on 2000 and newer XLT's are the squarish shape and greatly reduce the rocking at speed. I believe you want to get 00-02 or so, as the newer ones have a larger holes on the mounting points. I have changed them on 2 boats and a big difference. Bought both mine on ebay.

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