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    Polaris slt 780 crank index outside of block

    Hi Guys

    Please explain to me how to check crank index after I have completely removed it from the engine block? Is it possible to check it after it has been removed? I have already removed the jugs and pistons and completely forgot to check the crank index before I removed everything. I tried searching the forum and google, but I came up with no results. Please help!!!:

    My whole plan is to remove all the old crank seals and bearings and replace them with new ones, Including the rod bearings as the one seems a little scratchy. Please explain how this is done?

    Thanx in advance.

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    Only the crank shaft front and rear outer end bearings can be changed without rebuilding the entire crank shaft.

    The inner bearings can only be changed by talking the entire crankshaft apart using a 25 ton press, special tool jigs and crankshaft experience.

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