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    Supercharger mods to 185hp engine with a twist

    Please advise on adding the ET127 (+3mm) supercharger upgrade to an already boosted to 215hp '04 GTX 185?
    The 185's came with cast pistons. We added the gear to make it a 215hp.

    Any idea if this has worked reliably or do I need to go with forged pistons?

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    Just explain boosted to 215hp gtx 185..

    I got a 185 and looking into the 215 mods..

    From the top of my head to make the true 215hp your need to swap -

    Flywheel gear and super charger gear to 215 spec
    Fuel pressure reg from 215
    To handle the extra boost and heat you will need the 215 pistons (I thought they was forged)
    The engine computer to raise the Rev limit.

    Thinks thats about it.. So what have you done to yours to get the 215?

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    you would also need to turn the motor 8100 rpm to make the boost/hp.

    I have an et 137 +4 on my 04 GTX 185 engine, but have the 185 (17) tooth gear on the charger and am running the stock 185 pistons-- yes I have all the other standard stuff on this ski as well-- RXP ecu, water box, RRFPR, 42s, 4 inch intake... It has survived and it still has the stock valves. Motor has never been touched and has just under 160 hours on it.

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    Im running the x charger on my 185 at 8000 WOT with standard pistons. Now has 158 hrs. Runs great.

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