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    Loctite, sealant and oil change

    I am replacing my jet pump at the moment and found a leak at the grommet/fitting right below the oil tank in the oil line. I just got those parts in to replace the leaking parts. I have a 1999 gtx rfi seadoo. How would I go about taking the oil out to fix the fitting? It's new oil so I'd rather not waste it.

    Can I use some sort of sealant to make sure it does not leak from that area? I ordered "the right stuff" to use on another part of the ski.

    Also, where can I buy the red loctite? I found some on amazon, but they haven't shipped it yet and its been 12 days. Is there anywhere local that sells loctite or something similar?

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    Almost all auto parts houses wall Loctite

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    Thanks, found some. For some reason I thought it had to be specially ordered.

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    I normally use hose pinchers to clamp off the oil lines then unstrap the bungees holding the oil and fuel tanks, unhook the oil level sender and fill hose, pull tank. You can then flip the tank and dump oil out into a clean container to refill later. You can smear a little of that right-stuff on the plastic before you install the new grommet if it makes you feel better but I've never had any leak after installing a new one. They are sort of tricky to re-assemble, very tight. Don't push too hard trying to force it back together, you could crack the tank near the hole. I normally install the new grommet, then smear 2 stroke oil on the grommet AND the plastic part before shoving it in. Use a twisting motion while pushing.

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