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    need advise!!! bilge pump

    i had a bilge pump installed by the seadoo dealer for what ever reason they put the exit hole for the pump as high as it can go above the drain hole near the top of my fold down boarding step my concern is if i am riding it will most likely be under the water which does not make sense can and will it take water in seadoo dealer swears they do every pup like this and never have a problem

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    Thats exactly where it needs to be

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    thank you for your reply so your saying it is perfectly fine? the reason i ask is because almost all i see are mounted up by the tow hook area

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    You likely have a hose inside the hull that goes from the bildge up to the top portion of the ski and goes back down out of the bottom of the ski. This prevents backflow.

    I know this isnt a seadoo, but this is how yami prevents backflow.

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    i see what you are saying my hose is not like that so i will put it up as high as i can to help prevent back flow is that the only way to stop water from getting in or do these pumps have a built in check valve that wont allow water to pass the pump.. and again thank you for your replies

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