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    02virage txi and 94 sl750 mfd/mfi units for sale

    Hey guys, I have a couple of multi function displays for sale on ebay, the part numbers are listed with them as well, one is from an 02 virage TXi and the other is from a 94 SL750, I have the complete SL if anyone needs parts from it but only the wiring harness and fuel lines for the Virage. Links to the Ebay ads: 84.m1558.l2649 84.m1558.l2649

    Shoot me a PM if you are looking for anything and I will let you know if I have it.


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    Well, someone got a damn good price on the virage MFI at 71 bucks, hopefully someone on here and not someone just buying to resell again... the other went for a little more but still much lower than other people are selling them for. I have a complete SL 750 with a bad block (rod went through) if anyone needs anything from it let me know; Also a decent virage seat and good condition hood and cowl.

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