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    Video: Jobe Sports Unveils New Omnia Kneeboard

    OK, admittedly once you come to learn what the new Jobe Omnia actually is, simply calling it a “kneeboard” is doing this awesome new product a big disservice. Why? Because it not only works as a kneeboard, but the Omnia is also a waterski, wakeskate and wakesurf board! (We should’ve guessed, right? It’s got “omni” in the name itself.) Designed with input from Jobe’s own professional watersports team riders, the Omnia takes the place of three or four different boards in your boat’s storage or the footwell of your PWC.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    looks like a great idea for the kids! Might have to pick one up for mine. For adults it reminds me of the seadoo 3D....

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