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    Yamaha YPP coverage

    Hey guys,

    Just talking to the dealer looking to get some extended warranty for a couple of extra years. One of my main worries is the hull paint issues. Looking at the exclusions, it lists hull and paint as not covered. Just wondering if anyone has had paint issues repaired under the extended coverage? One would hope that Yamaha, knowing there's a problem would cover such a repair.

    I've gone one season without any major concerns with the hull. There's some very minor gel coat peeling where the hull runs on the bunks of the trailer.

    PS. Sorry if this has been answered before

    Here is a PDF file of exclusions if anyone is interested..


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    Hi Boogzilla,

    Assuming your concern is with your 2014 FZR SVHO, Yamaha is aware of the hole paint flaking issue of their 2014 models. In my case I live and ride down in South Florida I told Yamaha I was not going to take them in until my season was done Nov 2014 for me. They agreed but said not to take more than 1 year from the time I called them to report it under my 1st year Yamaha warranty. I also have the YPP but don't know if they will cover it under that as I took them in within the 1st year of the issue while I was still covered under their original warranty. So long story short I took them in on X-mas week to a Yamaha authorized dealer and did not see them back for about two months I was not in a hurry as I don't go in the water Dec-Feb lol; holds where supposedly sanded down and repainted they look good. Below a link to the flaking discussion:

    I would recommend you consider reaching out to Yamaha directly @ 18009627926 but not too late in your riding season and let them know about your issue they may want pictures etc.. but tell them you are going to enjoy your riding season before you take it in for the under warranty hull paint job.

    Good luck!

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