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Thread: Go pro mounts?

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    Go pro mounts?

    I have no idea where to mount my go pro on my GTR. Where do people mount them for great video? Pics would be awesome too!

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    Where ever you mount it, make sure you use some kind of lanyard if you use the suction cup. I used the suction cup one time and within 2 minutes it fell off and I wasnt even riding hard..Good thing I used a lanyard to retain it...

    I have a 12 PX and I will take a pic later to show where I mounted mine.... Takes good video or I will use the "Chesty" mount in a race so you can see the dash and the bars. I juts got a new helmet but I havent put a mount on it yet.....

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    i have 3 sticky mounts on my GTR. one at the rear under the rope hook, one right above the handle bars and one on the right side below the mirror. gotta be honest i am not a fan of the one below the mirror as the ski cuts off a lot of the view as you can see below..

    above the gauge pod. i have picked up some smaller arms so its not as tall now.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    under the tow hook - i messed up and had this one to close to the seat and couldn't get in there to tighten it down.
    i have since removed this one and moved it more towards the back of the ski.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    regardless of where it is i have the orange tether you see in one of the pics and it attaches to the rope tie spot with a velcro zip tie.

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    Goose neck from the side of the helmet to capture just a bit of helmet is working great for us. Lanyards & floaties are a must for sure, but try to keep them from rattling as that becomes all you hear going through the wind.

    The below mirror mount works well with a goose neck as you can get away from the ski a bit. We zip tie floaties to the goose neck and test 'em. One of the keys we've learned is not to mount a sticky mount on a spot that will shake a lot, and that the human body absorbs a ton of shock. So mounting on the ski is nice, but a helmet, chesty wrist or backpack mount will give you a more stable image.

    For lakes and non open water stuff I used cork, 1/2" PVC and a some old bolts as a weight to build a floating camera man that the GoPro attached to. if the camera isn't spinning too much in the water, it takes some impressive shots. Here is a little clip from the lake last summer using "Bob" the floating GoPro stick:

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    I like your gtr mounts

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