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    Rebuilding SL 780

    Summer 2013 I purchased a 96sl780 and had hours of fun with it, the ski it's self was a little ruff looking but ran strong. So that winter I had the body and paint work done, basically ended up with a brand new hull, last summer I took the ski out and a few months into the season ran into huge engine issues, the mag cyclinder threw a rod bearing and ended the summer early. I'm in the process of rebuilding the engine along wih a few other replacements. After doing a few price checks the difference in doing the rebuild myself (new crank,crank cases, cyclinder and head, piston kits ect) to buying one of SBTS engines with a warranty, I intend on going with SBTS engine. I also plan on rebuilding the fuel pump, new fuel lines, oil block off, carb rebuild, and inspecting the fuel on and off, rebuilding if needed or replacing. I will inspect the jet pump for play as well and rebuild or replace as needed. I've purchased a manual and spent many hours reading the forms and online sites, although I still have a few questions: when it comes to timing the engine after reassembly, I don't fully understand how the process is done. Second after reinstalling the engine with the factory shims in their original place, an alignment is needed, is there any cheap tricks to do this or is buying the alignment tool the only way? I've also thought about taking it to a shop and paying a hour-hour and a half to avoid buying the tool. Lastly I believe I've checked all my bases to the rebuild from reading the forms and other sources, if anyone has any other ideas of things to check and or replace. This is a good looking ski and lots of fun I want to make sure this rebuild lasts for many summers to come. Thanks for your ideas and help.....I will post pictures of the rebuild and what was found in my 780 rebuild album.

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    Not sure what you mean about 'timing'.

    You can rent the alignment tool from John at

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    The timing on the 780 is pretty much fixed. Align the mark on the stator with the case halves when you install it and you are good to go.

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