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    Rrfpr on my RXT setting it up correctly

    Can anyone comment on how to correctly setup my riva Rrfpr as I'm new to tuning.
    ive recently added:
    fizzle intercooler
    14/19 prop
    titanium retainers
    x charger
    afr guage with lc2 controller

    I still have a stock ecu tune at this point but will flash in the near future.
    im not sure if I should be hooking up the boost reference line to the fuel reg or leave it static.

    if I set the base pressure to 58 lbs an then increase it more will that richer or lean out the fuel.
    so am I correct in thinking increasing fuel pressure richens the mix inturn showing lower numbers on the afr gauge.

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    Yes you are correct

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    I would leave it static...Just my .02

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    leave it static unless you can modify your own fuel map and have patience to do so because any map you have is static based

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    Thanks guys I will check my numbers and adjust accordingly.
    so i guess I can only adjust wot and the low and mid will just follow suit.

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    leave it static..

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