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    2008 rxp-x vtech map tuner

    Hey guys, I've been doing some reasearch here but can't seem to find the answers im looking for. I'm currently running close to stock with 4inch fizzle air intake, free flow exhaust, 15/20 solas, and an r&d Aquavein grate. I'm looking into the vetch map tuner, I'm wondering what kind of performance gains (hp/mph) I might see if I were to leave the ski as is and tune it to the point where no more modifications would be nessesary (for now). Currently running a top speed of 73 mph gps at just below 8200 rpm if I remember correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

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    unless your wanting more rpm there is not much to gain

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    I understand that. I'm asking if there's a map that I can keep the engine as is, have a higher rpm tune, and see substantial increase in performance. Sorry in new to the 'tuning' game

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    If you are seeing 8160-8180 consistently at WOT (and below), then yes you will see gains in top speed and some seat of the pants excelleration-- meaning, you are on the rev limiter for your ski. Depending on how hard you are on the limiter will determine how much performance you have to gain. For instance, say you load a tune with an 8600 rpm limit and you find your ski is able to pull 8500 rpm-- your ski will pick up 3+ mph and more in cool conditions. You however may need to add an adjustable FPR or injectors for these RPMs and TI retainers.

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