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Thread: Bent impeller

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    Bent impeller

    A day after the new solas impeller arrived i noticed that the trailing/leading edge (dont know which is wich....) on one blade was bent. What should i do and does it make a noticeable difference in acceleration/top speed?

    A not bent blade:

    Bent blade:

    On the pics it looks more bent than it is, but its bent and i can feel a bump when i slide my finger over it. If i look close i do see it.

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    if you have warranty send it back if you didn't hit a rock or something

    I straighten my prop on the Honda with a big shifter spanner to straighten it not %100 but I think it was %99 good
    I also used a file to make the leading edge sharper to cut into the water better but not to sharp as anything will damage it then.

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    I would talk to Solas and find out if it is supposed to be like that or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdrian View Post
    if you have warranty send it back if you didn't hit a rock or something.
    It was damaged while shipping... Never used it

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    Contact the seller and get it resolved

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