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    What are these worth?

    Hi all,
    I have a friend who is selling his Yamahas. They are super clean, and he is anal bc he was a professional detailer at one point back when he worked at a body shop. I told him I'd ask around on here to see what their market value was worth given the exceptional condition. Generic info on KBB was def less than what he was originally thinking.

    Below is his description of them:
    2000 Yamaha GP 1200 R (silver/white)
    -2 seater
    -1200 cc Triple 2-stroke
    -factory rated at 155 hp
    -90 or so hours on it
    -upgraded Solas stainless steel impeller
    -upgraded Riva intake grate Ė polished and sealed (see pic)
    -trim tabs modified to keep ski on plane
    -pump stuff kit to improve pump efficiency
    -converted to pre-mix fuel (oil lines removed, pump block off plate installed)
    -converted to squirter style primer kit (choke plates also removed)
    -reed stuffers installed for low end torque improvement
    -factory flame arrestor removed, Riva (K&N style) filters installed
    -carbs re-jetted for typical Ohio altitude and improved airflow from Riva filters
    -retaining clips installed on power valves to prevent roll pin fallout and catastrophic failure of engine
    -basically a bullet proof ski that runs close to 70 mph on GPS

    1998 Yamaha XL1200
    -3 seater
    -1200 cc Triple 2-stroke
    -factory rated at 135 hp (non-power valve motor)
    -130 or so hours on it
    -converted to pre-mix fuel (oil lines removed, pump block off plate installed)
    -converted to squirter style primer kit (choke plates also removed)
    -3 seater can tow a skier legally in ohio, has the power to pull a grown male no problem
    -again, a very dependable ski, runs about 60 mph

    Trailer is a 1997 Shorelander two place trailer. In 2007 I stripped it down, sand blasted it, painted it, installed new bunks, new front platform, new storage box, new bearings, seals, wheels, tires. Two years ago I re-wired it with all LED lights. Last year I put new wheels and tires on it again. Iíve religiously checked/packed bearings. They still look new. No bearing buddies Ė standard dust caps that I remove every year and seal with Permatex sealant. The trailer shows some surface rust on a few edges, but it is still really nice. 2Ē ball.

    The GPR is in just about perfect shape. Minor scuffing on the rub rails. The XL is also very, very nice. The underside has a little more wear. It was previously owned by someone on Lake Milton and they brought it over to the beach some, so the gel coat is a little thin in places. Iím picky though Ė itís 17 years old and probably in the condition of a typical 3 or 4 year old ski.

    I have covers for both skis but they are not the greatest. I use them as dust covers and keep them stored inside. Iíve only ever used Amsoil 2-stroke PWC oil which has detergents to keep everything clean. Itís also a low smoke formula. I have two tow ropes, skis, a tube, a 12V inflator, extra plugs, extra life jackets and probably more things Iím forgetting stashed away in the front box.

    He was originally hoping to get $7500 for everything. If he doesnt sell it soon he says he is going to list it on Ebay.
    I would have posted them in the classified section on his behalf but I realized I don't have enough posts yet so I'm ineligible to post there. Let me know what you guys think everything is worth. I'll pass it along to him, and if someone is actually interested in them I can give you his contact info. Skis are in Canton, OH area. Any feedback is appreciated. We have both been "out of the game" for a while so lost touch a bit. Thanks.

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    I would say he would be lucky to get 5K for all.

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    $5500, maybe $6000

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    Thank you Gents.

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