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    WTB: Kawasaki Stx 12f display

    Hey guys,

    im looking for a display for the 12f. Mine works, but the RPMs don't move so the computer shuts off after 10 mins.

    Let me know if you have one.


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    What year ski?

    Are you sure the problem is with the display?

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    It is a 2003. I am pretty sure it's the screen. Because the old cluster was starting to go out and it ran perfectly fine. It was only glitch here and there then one day condensation built up inside and the screen shut off. But when it glitches it would turn back on and the ski would be perfectly fine. So then I purchased the new display from another member, but the RPMS didn't move. Everything is fine when the screen is on, but once it's off, it goes into limp mode and you would have to turn the ski off then back on to get it on again. So we borrowed a display from another ski to test and it all worked just fine.

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