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    Found a few new, old stock STX-15s

    Found a dealer that has three 2013 models that never sold for $8,000 plus fees. Their fees are $200 plus T&T. Pretty reasonable. Best I can find a 2015 for is about $9500 after all fees (prep, destination) plus T&T. So, about a $1500 gap for a machine that is two model years newer....and looks much nicer.

    But I also stumbled across a 2014 demo for $7500 (all fees included) plus T&T. Has about 25 hours on it.

    Anyone ever bought a demo? It was used by Kawasaki apparently at ride events.

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    My buddy got a 2013, the middle of last year for $7600 plus fees. So there is more room in my opinion.. Good luck if you get it as it is my favorite JetSki ever made..

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    The price is too high, keep an eye on Ebay.

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    check the book values, you are losing before you even head out the door.

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    You can do better, there is a dealer here in Wisconsin that occasionally has same year models for $7995, since there really are no changes to this model except colors, I would say $7000 with no additional fees for the 2013. Make an offer, he doesn't want to keep sitting on those skis.

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    There is only one on CL right now....guy wants 9,000 with a trailer for a used 2014
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    Ooops....its 10k, not 9k

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