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    Question on pricing

    Anyone know ballpark prices that a 2001 Yamaha GP1200r would be in the Wisconsin/Illinois area? Great running, well taken care of machine. Only downside is small chips on the upper hull from a parking at docks.
    I'm wanting to get a four stroke but gotta sell this machine first, don't want to give it away but i also don't want to price it so high it doesn't sell.

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    Well it is understandable that you want to set a price that will move it but not fire-sale. If the 2001 GP1200r is in good running order & overall good appearance with out a trailer most likely the move-it price would be $2500 to $2800 with a trailer about $3000 to $3100, I know that sounds low but that really is the current going rate for a move it price. The fire sale price would be anything under $2000 . The hope for the best & not in any big hurry to sale price is $3500.+ That's my 2 cents. Trust me I also believe these screamers are worth a lot more. The reality of it sucks. Good Luck

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    That's about what i was thinking. Runs great, just rebuilt the top end and replaced carbs about 10 hours ago so it's got tons of life in her. I think I'll put it up at $3k and aim to get $2800. I'm in no rush, i just don't have time to ride this year with a newborn so i figured I'd try to sell it instead of letting it collect dust.

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