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    buying GP1300R that wont start

    This guy put up an 03 GP1300R but it won't start. It was a good price so we went to check it out. Hooked up to car battery via cables it makes this noise when you try to start it. I have attached video I would appreciate some advice on whats going on. The three fuses are fine.

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    Sounds like the starter is not turning/engaging.
    Looks from the video that there is fair amount of corrosion, maybe bad/corroded connection on either end of starter positive cable from battery to starter?
    I would pull the plastic cover off of the PTO coupler and see if you can turn the crank by hand or use a piece of dowel stick and push down on the piston tops to get movement first.
    That clicking sound could be a relay/contactor also that is not switching properly? Some of the motor heads on here probably know exactly what that sound is.

    Good luck

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    Jump starter. Test compression.

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    Did it make any noise at all with inboard battery? Can you turn the impellor from underneath?If you can, you may not be getting enough current even with a jump or it could be solenoid. If it will not turn then it may be binding with the wear ring.

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    defenetly try to turn it 1st... motor might be locked up...
    then jump starter, check compression... like stated above...

    then, CHECK YOUR TUNNEL!!!! this was a factory defect that must must must be addressed... trust me I made this mistake last season.
    also. install wave eaters... this will prevent bad engine damage... ride it till the wheels fall off!

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    Guys, just wanted to update. I took out the plugs tried to turn it by hand and it would not budge. So I left it at that and someone else bought it.

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    not a bad idea.

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