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    Anybody use the Adjust A Thrust on the 4-Tecs?

    I was just checking out wetwolfs site, and wanted to know if anyone has tried them?...And what were the results?...PR...

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    Holy crap dip, No one???...PR...

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    dont waste your time,sorry, but what a joke.

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    I never believed in AAT, I believe in MAGNUM PUMPS, another religion I guess....

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    seems to me that it's no different than changing the venturi diamater... same principle, just different way of approaching it... not a product that has particularly interested me either. I'd rather do the skat venturi and play with exit diameters than sit there screwin around with a pump cone.

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    Yes I have used it. It works ok on a stock boat I was able to get about 1 mph. It does not work well on a highly modified boat.

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    I've worked with them since around the time Bruce started making them. I really liked what it did for me on the GPR where I got 1.5 MPH out of it with better accel and midrange. On the STXR it had minimal speed gains, but would allow for really quick accell on bored nozzles without speed loss. I have a brand new one sitting in the box for my RXP, but I have kinda lost my mod bug lately and haven't tried it out.

    I think his AATs always work in one fashion or another, it just may not be the one you want But it does take time to try out all the different combos and have an understanding of prop pitch versus venturi bore, etc. I bet with an AAT and the Skat interchangeable nozzle, you could at least add some serious accerlation to an already fast ski maybe more. It's cheap, easy and he buys it back if you don't like it; so I always give one a try on a new ski.

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