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    Tow valve Yamaha FXHO

    Lot of threads on forums about these valves. I will share my experience on this FXHO 2009. Ok if you go to Lowes and get a PVC ball valve and two brass nipples that don't leave you a lot of room to try to put it in. I bought all this stuff and didn't like it. I then ordered one of those Wave Eater tow valves. The holes in them are really small. They measure .377 I.D. They are also cheap looking. I didn't like restricting the hose size.
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    I seen some where that Sea Doo sells a hose pincher to put on the line. Forgot exactly how they look. I made me one out of PVC pipe. Went to Lowes and got two 1/4-20 4" long stainless carriage bolts with washers and wing nuts. Being a carriage bolt it the bolt won't turn as easy when trying to tighten. Drilled some holes and sandwiched them together allowing for hose diameter. I'm probably just going to take the water hose loose. Slide the over the water inlet-engine hose. Put the clamp back on and if I have a problem I will just tighten the wing nuts. Unless you have a hardened rotten hose it should pinch ok.
    You could use steel pipe. This was just a quickie job using what I could find. I think it will suffice in an emergency and I wouldn't have to worry about all the other options.
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    Looks good and fool proof!

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    Interesting mod, did this on plenty of seadoos, but never on a yami
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    I picked up a few of these valves, very sturdy; haven' installed them yet and forgot what sizes I ordered but supposedly the material can handle 300 PSI, so more then enough to avoid any failures.

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    I prefer to carry hose clamp pliers. Available from harbor freight.

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    More hose clamping options

    I thought about that to. Actually that is the best idea. Your only going to use it for emergency anyway. They are called hose pinch pliers. They are 12.99 at harbor Freight. I'm sure many places sell more expensive ones.Click image for larger version. 

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    Here are more clamps. One is a Sea Doo Clamp and the other is from Jet Ski Junk.
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