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    Need some help please

    Hello everyone need some help. I've been ridding for the last couple months in flat calm lake for past 4 to 5 months since ocean has been extremely cold with no issues. today finally ocean warmed up bit so took FZ out, for the first half of cruise waters where a little choppy but then on way back we were ridding really hard ocean was rough and my buddy an I were hauling the mail pretty crazy I feel like Went through garbage disposal lol. While ridding I felt my mats getting a little slippery which I found weird we stop to check, nothing looked out of norm my buddy said its probably sun screen. I washed them out real good and we continued. 10-15m it returned the slippery felling only worse. I notice the water in my foot wells had some type of chemical since it had weird milky and colorfully floating on top of water. I started to look around and noticed were black trim price by front seat and it looked like tears running out of that trim piece and into the foot wells. Swiped it with my finger and smelled like fuel and opened the seat and ski smelled like fuel inside. I left ski running to run pressure through fuel system and looked in the injectors no issues, the fuel rail line connector nothing but it continued to leak little of same place????? I opened gas cap and it was like volcano when I opened the fuel cap steam and every thing came out I was like never seen that before. I closed up everything went back marina another 10m minutes away but going slow. With ski loaded up I checked Little clear reservoir next to the fuel tank and untwisted the cap to let it drain never had done that before and it was pure fuel inside of little cup. I went to flush in the lake it did couple passes and it didn't happened again ????? im so confused there are no fuel lines? that run by side of lower black trim pieces so i don't understand??????

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    could be the vacuum pipe at the front of the tank blocked causing the tank to vacuum. remove cover in front storage area to see it. it was probably venting thro the cap and leaking down your trim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thereturn View Post
    Lol...Bumped one minuet after posting...impatient much

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwtony View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by thereturn View Post
    Lol...Bumped one minuet after posting...impatient much
    No, he is not. He had made a mistake in the title of the thread and had asked a mod to edit it, the post that says Bump now originally was asking a mod to make the change...

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    Need some help please

    Ahh my bad, the other thread looked like a shit show. From the tapatalk app it looked like this thread was created and an hour later bumped.

    Been answerd already so good luck.

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    Thanks everyone for help going open it today

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