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    Reverse Engineering how Accelerator Position Sensor "talks" to the ECU

    Hello all, I am looking for any and all of the Yamaha Service manuals for any of the skis that use the APS either mounted on the handle bar or down in the hull of the ski.

    I have already reverse engineered how the 2008 FZR/FZS talks to the ECU using the service manual for that ski. The information that I find I will post back to this forum.

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    If those of you don't know what I'm talking about the APS is the sensor that monitors the mechanical throttle position and sends that information back to the ECU (Computer). I think Yamaha has been doing this for a while now inside of the hull.

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    It's an RVDT that sends the signal based on its position. It's inside on the hull on the left side up until 2012 IIRC.

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    Hey, thanks for the reply. I'm not so sure about it being a RVDT, as those need Alternating Current, and jetski are Direct Current

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    My guess is its just a linear encoder.
    Looking at the Motec pin outs its just using a STD analog voltage input for the Throttle lever tracking.
    I have not dived in to the throttle table in the motec software but I am guessing it has it mapped out already.

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