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    2014 fzs svho SHUDDER

    does any 1 no if this is normal
    when i lightly blip the throttle i have a little vibration/missfire/shudder of some sort, and when it come down the revs the last 1000rpm it will have a slight shudder just before gets to idle...
    ive just had the 50hr service and been told this is normal?
    but i cant remember finding this when ski was new

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    I've found both forced induction skis have had this slight shudder decelerating somewhere between 2000-3000 rpm... I believe it's some sort of surge due to pressure downstream from the supercharger, and is fairly normal if you don't have a BOV. I'm sure there are gurus who can expand/correct me on this...

    I should probably add that it motivated me to develop a habit (with modest success) of wherever possible backing off to 4000 rpm and holding it for a few seconds before going to idle. My thinking was that it leaves the throttle body butterfly open a bit and the engine still sucking some air while the supercharger spools down and reduces the boost. This is to avoid creating a sudden wall of fully closed butterfly against what is still a fair bit of boost pressure, which may cause issues.

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    With a SC ski you have air being forced down the tubing to the throttle body when you let off the throttle it closes and that air bounces off the closed face of the TB valve and that then sends a wave back to the SC where it tries to escape. Adding a BOV helps with surges on the SC ski's.

    My 14 FZR did it and so does my 15 FZS. (Well until I get back from Miami & Key West next weekend and take the ski to have all her go fast goodies to be installed finally)

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    thanx guys great reply and understanding aslong i no this is normal may get a bov

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