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    2004 RXP Free Flow Exhaust Question

    I use this forum all the time for information but this is my first time posting...I've looked all over for for my answer but I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for so I'm sorry if this has been asked before.

    Anyway I have a 2004 RXP and I was thinking about putting in a free flow exhaust. I know they stopped making them in 2013 for my year but I was thinking that I could use this ( its for an RXP-X. I know the resonators on the RXP and RXP-X are different in design but if anything I think I would just have to cut my exhaust tubing some. I'd rather put something from RIVA in than risk the clamps slipping off a stainless steel pipe.

    If anyone has done this before or has any advice I'd appreciate it...Thanks

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    Best money I ever spent was getting rid of the j-pipe and using 08 and up head pipe and box with the Riva rear exit you will have no more problems. I did have to cut the Riva pipe and change the angle also I have a friend that has the complete setup from his ski that he doesn't need any longer that he would like to get ride of with a TDR box.

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    i might be interested in the your friends set up , have him pm me, as i have a 04 and adding some mods to it in the next couple of weeks

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    Thanks for the idea...I looked into the thru hull but I don't have the money for it now. I was hoping to still use the stock exhaust outlet just get a little more sound out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarterMW View Post
    Thanks for the idea...I looked into the thru hull but I don't have the money for it now. I was hoping to still use the stock exhaust outlet just get a little more sound out of it.
    i also did this to my ski...and my head in slow revs is going to explode..if you dont race it is not necessary,to much noise for nothing !

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    haha thanks for the heads up...I'll def try it out for sound before I put the rest of the ski back together but my car is the same way, I love a loud exhaust but maybe this will be to much.

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    I had a local custom car shop make me a stainless steel pipe with the rings in them so they don't slip off. Same piping they would use on an intercooler for a car. Charged me $25 for the pipe. Really easy to put on.

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    Thanks for the idea, I actually found exactly what you described online for pretty cheap...stainless steel pipe with bead roll on each end. It was a little long but it should fit alright, can't wait to hear it

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    Let me know how it sounds, considering doing the same to mine!

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    I think it would just be easier to get a piece of aluminum pipe and replace your resonator with it. That's what I did anyways.

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