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    vietnam...49 yrs ago...silver,bronze star and purple uncle

    hey guys just paying a tribute to my uncle...vietnam special forces 173rd airborne brigade sky soldiers....49 years ago today he was involved in operation silver city in a hell of a gun fight which resulted in over 300 vc dead and only 7 sky soldiers lost for which he recieved the silver star....also with my uncle on that day was al rascon who recieved the congressional medal of honor....a little over 2 months after this operation my uncle was in another gun fight in which he recieved the bronze star with v device...also earned the purple heart with oak leaf cluster to acknowledge the the numerous injurys which he sustained in the eye of the devil...was hit with bullets,grenade shrapnel and even shrapnel from a short fused booby trapped howitzer shell casing....resulting in the loss of an eye and leg,back,stomach wounds as well as a steel plate in his head....still has shrapnell lodged in him to this day....wouldve retired as a higher rank but got busted down several times as he is a true warrior that does not believe in the polished boots and starched seam fatigues type washington soldier politics and let it be known on more than one occasion...especially when it comes from the top not to fire your weapon until fired upon......he was all over vietnam from the delta to the highlands and was in alot of places that may ring a bell such as the iron triangle,hump,hobo woods,phoenix,etc.....very proud of his time there and has no problem sharing his experiences wasnt always this way as he kept things hidden from family and friends for many many a kid i always was told he was in vietnam but had no idea of his accomplishments till about 2 years ago...since then i have gotten to know him and he is quiet a charactor....went to visit him at his house and noticed handguns EVERYEHERE...on coffee table,in bathroom,in corners behind doors and even in the upper cabinets where the drinking glasses are....i would kid him about it ...but having never walked his footsteps who am i to understand......the following are a few pics of myself with my uncle bobby,his awards,metals and a link to the involvement and gunfights of the 173rd as well as a link to a youtube video that he done for one of his grandkids as a school/history project.....the youtube video is his take on vietnam,war and life itself as an american....i couldnt be more proud to say......this is my uncle and hes easy to spot in a crowd....hes the one with a BUCKET FULL OF BALLS.....and scars to show how he earned them...

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    Glad to see he is still around. A lot aren't

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    watched video. I thank him for his service.

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