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    First ski rebuild 01 gp1200r

    Figured I would start a build log of my first complete ski rebuild. I bought this ski 2 weekends ago and its already completely torn apart. The 3rd cylinder lost its oil line and toast the cylinder piston and crank case. The previous owner before me put a remain oem crank in it and completely assembled the bottom end already. I am on a budget for this ski I have 1000-1200 to put into this ski in mods and do a engine rebuild. This is just a goal.. Knowing I probably will go over it.

    I am building this ski for my girlfriend to ride as I already have my gp1300r I just put some mods on last year.

    I just ordered a riva 2 bar intake grate, solus 13/19 prop, and free flow with already cut hoses going to the exit and waterbox for 160 shipped.

    My plans for this ski are to mill the oem head to 150psi, wfo keyway, jetworks mod, free flow, flame arrestors, d plate, intake grate, ride plate, stepped sponsons, trim tabs, sealed shoe, carb rejetting , updated brackets for intake grate and ride plate brackets. Goal is to be 70mph with being designed for holeshot.

    Let's see how everything goes this year I will add pictures and post on my progress as I go. Hopefully I can take on this project and finish it

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    Sorry guys I have been extremely busy. Just bought 2 mustangs and have had issues with titling on this ski. Sounds like I am extremely close to getting this thing able to be titled so the work should begin. Sorry in advance for all the questions I may have... Wfo.... haha.

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    lol ... just inspire us with some pics

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    I promise I will here soon. =)

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    Upload some pics . I just complete my 07 fxho curiser engine swap and felt soo good take her on the lake.

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