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    ET 145

    Hello guys, Who use ET 145? When we use this supercharger is better use relif pressure valve? Becouse yesterday i test this and outside water When release trotle my idle stay to 2500 , is possible my trotle body is off , this is IBR trotle no cable .thanks

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    Run on the water at operation temp and under load ...

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    What does a prv have to do with idle speed ? Id assume
    you ment blow off valve and even that will have no change in idle speed

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    [QUOTE = GoneRXT; 2522280] Che cosa fa un PRV hanno a che fare con il minimo? Id assumono
    si ment soffiare valvola e anche questo avrÓ nessun cambiamento minimo [/ QUOTE]
    Probabily broken trotle body with HI pressure When clouse trotle.

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    He most likely has a blown air intake manifold and it's leaking air out of it. That's why the idle is a bit high. CHECK intake for air leaks and cracks!

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    Yes i ceck Intake manifold for crack s , but is possible becouse i use intercooler rotax racing with manifold Very short ? And When clouse trotle this receve Very more air and broken eletric engine trotle?

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    My turbo Motec ski idles at 2200 out of the water then drops to 1800 under load.

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