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    STX15f revving high & low with no warning lights

    Help! I ran through a school of jellyfish on my 2006 STX15f a few weeks back and afterwards the engine was surging with no warning lights. Had to crawl back to shore. Have since flushed the engine, had the head redone, cooling jackets cleaned out (there were salt deposits in the cooling jackets so we thought the engine may have overheated), new exhaust, new fuel and oil, psi checked across all 4 cylinders is 200psi.

    Took it for a test run and it ran perfectly for 15 minutes then the problem came back i.e. wants to drop back to 3000 rpm over and over again. Appears to be limp mode however no warning alarms and water is coming out of the cooling outlet (pisser).

    if I cut the engine and start it up again, it runs fine for another 15 minutes then surges over and over again if I try go above 3000 rpm.

    Out of the water it runs fine.

    Any ideas appreciated
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    Have you checked the pump? Maybe it got damaged.

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    Try flushing ALL pump lines.

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    yes pump and lines checked

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    Does your gauge have any moisture or blemishes on the inside?

    Have you looked through the troubleshooting guide in my signature?


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    No moisture in the gauge and working through your guide Sean. Focussing on the fuel pump next.

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    Solution!! We've since found that the fuel pump had rusted and rust had gone into the fuel filter. Replaced both items and the surging has gone away .

    If anyone else has a surging engine and no warning lights I suggest starting with the fuel filter and fuel pump.

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    I'm starting to see high numbers of fuel pump failures now in anything built before 2008

    last season I did one..this year I'm already up to 6 and we're just getting up to speed here.

    Was the pump sock disintegrated?

    Seeing that on every seadoo I'm servicing for pump problems.

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    Yay for Ethanol...

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    yep ............that's why the automotive sector started replacing fuel system components with either plastic or ETHANOL friendly components years ago...


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