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    2001 Polaris Genesis - Fuel & Oil Line replacement advice

    I just purchased a 2001 Polaris Genesis, It has the typical oil sending unit leak, which I believe is why the PO sold it, he did not know where the oil was coming from. I thought I did and took a chance on it. That said, I want to change all of the oil and fuel lines, it has quite a combo of grey lines, clear blue lines, and even a section of black fuel line that clearly has print on it that it is Not to be used on a fuel injection system... I was wondering what brand(s) and sizes of lines I need to replace all of the lines, I am thinking a bit of preventative replacement would be a great idea due to it's age, and the mix of lines I currently have. Thanks in advance. Pyro

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    See my signature links for specific info on fuel hoses.

    'Fuel Injection rated' hose is required for very high pressure systems. The Ficht fuel system on your Polaris is less than 30 PSI so fuel injection grade fuel hose is not necessary.

    That said, I recommend reinforced regular fuel hoses or marine grade fuel hose. I also recommend the OEM style Oetiker hose clamps, as they resist vibration and maintain a consistent clamping force over time.

    Also review the recommended maintenance and upgrade items for Ficht engines, in particular reinforcement of the fuel pressure regulator mount inside the fuel pump body.

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