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    1999 yamaha xl1200

    Hey guys, I am bringing a xl 1200 limited back from the dead and have a couple questions for you. I picked the ski up with just the bottom end in the block so i am unsure of exactly how everything goes.
    Does anyone have a diagram for the fuel lines? I bought an oil pump block off kit so I took off those 3 fuel lines and capped the carbs with the supplied caps. But I am trying to figure out where the fuel lines go, it seems i have extra!?! I noticed one fuel line goes to the front of the hull to what looks like a bleeder valve.

    There are two ducts, one 3'' and one 4'' and am wondering if they hook up to anything?

    I have the motor in and turning over but I currently do not have the aix box that connects to the front of the block, not the part with the spark arrestor but the part that connects to it after the rubber 90. (If anyone has one please LMK) Is that an issue if I start it up and run it without it?

    Are these supposed to come with a rear cargo cubby underneath of the 3rd seat?

    Does anyone have a picture of the engine without the exhaust/stinger pipes? Just trying to make sure I have everything sorted out.

    Sorry for the questions and thank you for your answers

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    Those are good links WFO posted. Much better Pix than I have. As far as the airbox goes, you should really try and find one. Ebay typically has a lot of used parts. Thats where I found most of mine for my rebuild. I say this because if you open up the airflow too much (like Aftermarket FAs) without jetting the carbs up, you will be running much too lean and will end up seizing the motor after all of your hard work. Will that one box open it up too much? That I'm not sure of, but having it on there would be a safe bet, unless you plan on getting FAs and re-jetting. as for the cubby, yes, mine has a tray that goes below the 3rd seat. Another thing you can probably get on Ebay. Also, not sure how good at following diagrams you are, but if you want to go to the link below, you can mill around there and that is how I found out how everything is supposed to be hooked up on mine.

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    Great photos WFO, wish I'd found them 3 years ago when I was starting on my XLT

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